Camping with Jamie Oliver

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It was an honour to be asked to take photos for Jamie magazine, the best part about this is that once you've photographed the beautiful food you get to eat it after… Bonus! (we're now a big fan of edible photo shoots) The goal was to take 9 photos of dishes that you could prepare on a camp sight (no canned beans and sausages) it was simple honest food with big flavours. We had dream team on hand who made the shoot a tasty success. Eddy Frings was in charge of set-styling and knew exactly what was needed to create an idyllic camp site setting and Ingmar Niezen's food styling wowed our eyes and our stomachs. Thanks to Diewertje van Wering this delicious spread is now off to the press, we're looking forward to seeing it on paper. Thanks for the behind the scenes photos Diewertje!