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Thursday 23 September 2021

We Are 11AM. Today.

Every day.

We are three mates doing what we love.
We are a multidisciplinary creative agency, that might sound complicated but it basically means that we like to get our fingers in as many pies as possible.
We believe in the good life philosophy; do what you want, do it with style, work hard and late when you need to, but take the afternoon off to go surfing… when you need to.

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Lunch Break

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When it's lunch time and the waves are fun out front we'll just have to go for a refreshing workout session! There is nothing like walking out right in front of our office in Scheveningen and search for some inspiration in its purest form.

Eastpak x Groos x Alfredo Gonzales

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For a collaboration between Alfredo Gonzales, Rotterdam's finest concept store GROOS and backpack giant Eastpak we had 10 limited edition custom made Eastpak bags made. To celebrate this we had a small launch party at the GROOS store in Rotterdam.


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Funda is the largest real estate online platform in the Netherlands, and as they were rounding up the design of their new website (by Erika van der Bent, they realised at the last moment they needed some extra photos to visualise some of their messages. Denni came out to help them find and shoot the right images that were needed to finish everything up.

Web and Breakfast

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Moniek Kuipers knows everything about words and social media and to tell the world all about it she needed a website. Now just words on a website are not going to make it, so she asked Denni to join her on a breakfast date and take some good pictures. Take a look at the site at

Life is good... pass it on!

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We decided to use the lovely summer weather for a Sanuk x Alfredo Gonzales campaign, shooting our newest products while cooling off in the ocean. After having captured the moment we were looking for, Hugo started drawing the typography for the poster. Life is good, pass it on!

Dennis speaks at Indie Brands Event

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Indie Brands is a returning event about the stories behind independent brands. For this edition Dennis got invited for the second time to get on stage and talk about Alfredo Gonzales. The first time he spoke at this event it was about the start of the brand, this time (two years later) everyone wanted to hear how things have gone with the world's first lifestyle sock brand and how Alfredo Gonzales ended up collaborating with big global brands like Eastpak, PONY and MINI.

Not much of a kitesurfer

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Denni is not so much a kitesurfer but loves to give it a try for the Mystic safety demonstration video. Thanks Justin Nan for capturing this moment!

Denni's drawings

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It started of with a quick sketch while traveling around in Ecuador, a little drawing of something fun he did that day a year ago. This is when Denni decided to sketch all the moments he doesn't want to forget in his diary.

Denni featured in 6surf magazine

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Denni's Instagram feed was featured in the No.2 2013 edition of a Dutch surf magazine 6surf. Follow Denni's amazing photo stream on Instagram!

Mystic Surf Cover

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Yannick de Jager is wearing one of the prototype wetsuits of on of our latest projects: The mystic surf project. It was featured on the cover of 6surf. More about this project information coming soon! Photo: Ray Max